Rant: the judgement of others

Just had someone send me a message via this blog saying “Are you a real geek? As in a serious genuine geeky man or just another one of those pathetic posers?
I replied: “What’s it matter to you?
He replied: “I’ve made it my mission to go around and call out fake geeks. Especially those fake ‘geek’ girls who just do it to get attention and money. I fucking hate them!
My reply to that: “Wow! That’s utterly amazing! Do you know what other people are doing with their lives right now?
Him: “No. What are they doing?
Me: “Not being dicks. Now fuck off & if I ever catch you harassing anyone -especially women- I will ensure that your online life becomes a brief hellish nightmare.

What god gave him the power of supreme judgement over others?

At least it’s reminded me to finish up that article on the attitudes of self proclaimed “geek gods” and “gatekeepers of nerdom”

2 thoughts on “Rant: the judgement of others

  1. The Otaku Judge 29/12/2013 / 7:38 AM

    There does seem to be a growing movement of people who are bitter that their niche hobby is now becoming mainstream. Instead of welcoming more people to converse with they resent that their unique tastes are no longer “special.”


    • andthegeekshall 29/12/2013 / 9:33 AM

      it’s an annoying mixture of protectionism/isolationalism, superiorism/exceptionalism & petty revenge as subgroups become more defined & delineated.
      Happens in ever social scene/group but worse in what we call “geeky” or “nerdy” pursuits & most of those who claim positions of superiority do so based upon shallow measurements & not true enjoyment of what they do.


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