Rant: Conspiracy theories (extract)

CT sad cat

This is something that I wrote before in response to someone’s reply to me posting a pic on Facebook (the one above).

I’m going to use it as part of an article that I want to write on Cognitive Dissonance & Conspiracy Theories.

It’s very raw & has some nasty things in it, but I’m not nice when I rant.

So, here we go. . .

Basically, knowledge equals power & status within a social grouping. Those who do not have such power invent knowledge to give them standing with others because it means they are in possession of something that others are not; even if it is a lie.

Other people take hold of this lie because it gives them a feeling of security & power. That their beliefs are held by others or that they can fight back against an invented invisible power.

Basically conspiracy theories draw in people with similar mentalities to racists, political and religious extremists & those who believe that aliens anally rape them on weekends.
That is basically people who feel powerless or marginalise in their everyday lives looking for something else to blame & if something comes along & tells you that it’s not your fault; it’s a shadowy governmental figure blasting chemicals in the sky & deciding every little detail of our lives, killing those who get in the way of The Machine.
So, that way, they can blame some amorphous entity outside of them & unfathomable or a named grouped, like the Masons or the 3 Lobed Burning Eye, & not, let’s say, actually accept some of the blame & responsibility for their lives being a bit shit.

If people want to believe in something, that is fine, but lines are drawn whenever they parade false knowledge as if it is the truth because they want to lord it over others.

2 thoughts on “Rant: Conspiracy theories (extract)

  1. The Lotus War 22/03/2014 / 6:15 AM

    Aliens don’t anally rape people because they’re marginalized! It’s because they’re the best of their species, so the aliens will have good data to bring back to Zeta Centurion!

    Geez… the assertions some people make…

    Or did I miss something? o.O


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