Don’t panic! Studio Ghibli remains open!

Lots of Western geeks & otaku have been in a tither due to news that the animation temple of Japan, Studio Ghibli, confounded by the legendary Miyazaki Hayao, is either shutting its door or dropping film production in favour quicker, less expensive ventures such as television broadcast anime.
That is false.
Studio Ghibli is remaining open for the foreseeable future & continuing with several productions – including a new anime series, Robin the Bandit, from Miyazaki Goro, Hayao’s son, to screen later this year.
The rumour started based upon an overeager mistranslation of a television interview, where people interpreted the word “pause” for the term to cease or stop. Everything steamrolled from there, with geeks doing their typical thing if finding patterns & meaning where there is none by pouring over recent interviews with Miyazaki & other Ghibli staff combio with poor box office from recent Ghibli productions.
So, dry your tears, geeks everywhere, you still have one of your anime institution as well as the promise if future films -including ones written by Miyazaki himself.


8 thoughts on “Don’t panic! Studio Ghibli remains open!

    • andthegeekshall 07/08/2014 / 12:22 AM

      There’s been lots of annoying rumours about Ghibli of late; most mistranslation, many trolling.
      That being said, if they do close there will be nothing that we can do about it. It will be their choice alone. We just have to respect that & remember all the good things that we have gotten from them.


      • Mish Singh 07/08/2014 / 10:14 AM

        Oh, absolutely. No point doing the wailing, teeth-gnashing business and being all precious about it. And if/when they do shut up shop, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to write all about it :). In that case, I’d challenge you to try and settle on one Ghibli movie as your personal favourite (oooh, the torture).
        Great reading, as always, and thanks to some of your recent anime reviews, I have a shortlist to choose from, being currently in between series.


        • andthegeekshall 07/08/2014 / 11:20 AM

          Am already having to factor recent events into the conclusion of my thesis as a flag for future academic work (legacy studies & all that).
          & thanks. Glad someone is enjoying my work & commenting.
          Have started watching Monster as well as watching Gankutuou (The Count of Monte Cristo but literally means The Demon of the Cave which is how they translated the original novel in Japan over a century ago). Plus gaming it up, so hopefully will have more stuff posted when I can manage.
          All the best.


          • Mish Singh 08/08/2014 / 7:56 AM

            Look forward to hearing your thoughts on Monster (not a very anime type anime!). I loved it, despite some apparent plot holes. Gankutuou looks great; it’s added to my list. I’m a bit way into Attack on Titan and feeling uncommitted despite its obvious positives.
            I like the gaming reviews – although the only gaming I do is Minecraft and Terraria. This is seen as sad by my son’s friends, and incomprehensible by anyone my own age :).

            All the best to you, too – happy writing, viewing, and gaming.


            • andthegeekshall 08/08/2014 / 9:43 AM

              I find Monster pretty typical of the period that it comes from, so am fine with it, though may read the manga from brevity’s sake.
              Attack on Titan is very good but the anime does lack something. I recommend reading the manga, which seems to have more heart.
              That’s odd because find the people around our age group are the most into those games.
              Am not good with those type of games, so will stuck with my RPGs & other games.


              • Mish Singh 08/08/2014 / 9:59 PM

                I thought Monster one of the best shows – anime or otherwise – I’d seen in a while. It just looks very different from the ‘usual’ anime, and uses very few of their conventions or tropes (I thought). We finished Wolf’s Rain a few weeks ago – it seemed a bit rushed and scrappy near the end, but plenty of symbolism and multiple themes to tease out. I love that notion of animals as people as animals (Pom Poko, Ponyo – there’s Ghibli again).
                Minecraft is becoming uber-popular among primary school kids (you know things have changed when you see merchandise in Target…), but I know it has a broad demographic. I actually like RPG games a lot, but need blocks of spare time for them, which I don’t have right now. The kid has just gotten hooked on Royal Quest :).
                I think it’s the (ahem) milieu that one swims in, though – most people I know are full-time career workers (unlike myself), with long-established hobbies. Plus I’m a fair bit older than you, and I’d hazard a guess that gender plays some part, too. People who don’t game have fairly set preconceptions about who does, and 40+ women don’t really suit!

                Oops, got too chatty, must be the wine and the flu. Always enjoy your replies, but don’t worry about it if pressed for time / it’s a chore.
                Enjoy your weekend


                • andthegeekshall 08/08/2014 / 10:33 PM

                  I’m only 6 episodes into Monster, so can’t judge quality so far, but do find it enjoyable & interesting. Not particular new in terms of ideas for me but I’ve been watching anime al of my life, so am well versed in it.

                  I’ve got someone else’s thesis on the imagery of Wolf’s Rain in my office. Some interesting things to say about it. Unfortunately haven’t seen it for myself & don’t have the urge to rush a viewing. May get to it one day.

                  If you want animals as people anime I’d recommend stuff like the short (under 5 minutes per ep) series Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san, which has all the characters with animal like traits & personalities; The Twelve Kingdoms (which is also a very long series) which has humanoid animals like a mouse-man in it; Inuyasha & Ranma 1/2 are also long series with animal humans in it (they do drag out a lot though, the the original manga are better, both are by the same woman).

                  You’re not that much older then me, since I’m in my mid-30’s. I have building hobbies out of games, with my gundam models &^ such (which I haven’t built for a while). I understand the popualrity & uses of Minecraft as a teaching tool. I recently recommended it to my sister-in-law because my nephew has autism & it’s supposed to be an excellent way to help them (plus she loves LEGO & other such things like that).
                  A lot of my mates who have full-time careers tend to dedicate themselves to time-sink games. My favourite former flatmate was a hopeless Eve Online addict but it was fun & positive for him (unlike some WoW players that I knew).
                  I just don’t have the dedication or time for such things -especially with my gaming, academic & anime time.

                  don’t worry about being too chatty, not like you’re bailing me up on skype or via phone texts when I’m trying like other people I know.
                  Hope you feel better soon & have a good one as well. am just trying to finish up a review for Guardians of the Galaxy right now & dragging my feet on it a bit (not as much as the last review I wrote, which took a week to do).
                  Have a good one, Mish.


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