Lustful Lascivious Little Lolis – Anime Critique: Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei!

64175Title: Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei!
Format: TV anime
Genre: fantasy, magical girl, comedy, parody
Series Creator:  Hiroshi Hiroyama
Series Director: Shin Onuma
Studio: Silver Link
Series length: 10 episodes
Original Airing dates: July 9 – September 10, 2014
Reviewed format: High def download with fan subs


Illyasviel von Einzbern is an ordinary elementary school student who becomes a magical girl when the magical Kaleidostick Ruby deems her a more suitable master than the sorceress, Rin Tosaka. Rin, who had been tasked by the wizard Zelretch to collect the seven Class Cards containing the spirits of Heroic Spirits from legend, finds that she is unable to change Ruby’s mind and must supervise Illya in completing the task of collecting the Class Cards. During Illya’s adventures, she receives a friend and rival in a girl named Miyu, the contracted master of the Kaleidostick Sapphire, which similarly abandoned its original master and Rin’s rival, Luvia Edelfelt.

After a series of battles, Illya and Miyu were able to collect all Cards and became good friends, while Rin and Luvia remained in Japan by the order of Zelretch. However, the appearance of Kuroe, a girl with a striking resemblance to Illya, soon complicates their lives as she attempts to eliminate Illya.


To begin with, it’s hard to criticise a series for (hyper) sexualisation when it’s a spin-off of an ecchi game/Visual Novel. Yet the original (& not terribly great) Fate/Stay Night anime wasn’t as sexualised as the Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya franchise is. What kicks F/klPI and its sequel series into low cheer is the hypersexualisation of lolis. I’ve already beat the drum over my extreme distaste for this with the previous season’s reviews but I just have to kick it again.


& don’t get on your high horses & say that it’s strictly a Japanese thing & we shouldn’t judge them too harshly for it. Have you seen Toddlers & Tiaras?! That shit makes you want to puke!

Anyway, anyway, the review, the review. . .

My general expression watching this series.
My general expression watching this series.

Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei! Is the direct sequel to last year’s loli-fest Magical Girl parody Type-Moon spin-off series, basically picking up right after the events of Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya. There are still many plot threads to address from the get go, such as Miyu’s true identity, but that is all put aside for the introduction of Kuroe (Clo in the fan-sub, short for clone) -Illya’s doppelganger who is an incarnation of the Archer Heroic Spirit (it all makes sense if you know the main Fate/Stay Night series & characters). At first, Kuroe wants to kill Illya so she can legitimise her own existence but, with props to the writers for this, it actually goes deeper than Kuroe merely being a doppelganger, being back connections to the original Holy Grail Wars from Fate/Stay Night & why that battle never occurred within the Fate/kaleird liner universe.

Type-Moon always interconnect their stories with transdimensional crossovers, with various characters having different connections or incarnations. It comes from their Visual Novel/video game origins to explain their multiple endings & how they can all be canon. F/klPI is deep within this but you don’t need a knowledge of the tie in series to watch it.

The other thing that F/klPI2 has in it is lots of underage lesbianism. Because in someone’s mind the only thing hotter than sexualisation underaged girls is making them perform homoerotic acts as well.

More of the yuri stuff is more connected with Miyu’s growing romantic attachment to Illya, her jealousy over little actions & wanting to connect more to her -not only as a fellow Magical Girl but also as a firned. Where it crosses the line is when Kuroe deep kisses the other female cast members to drain them of their mana so she can power herself (mana = life energy for her). Part of me things that I can ignore it because it’s played off for comic value (Illya’s friends angry at her because they think Kuroe is her) but when they show Kuroe really going for it on Miyu, I really had to fast forward.

If this gets you off, you're one sick twisted piece of shit!
If this gets you off, you’re one sick twisted piece of shit!

To be honest, the comedy stuff is what kept me watching (that & my pathetic addiction to knowing what happens in narratives & solving loose plot threads). They play off a lot of the comedy on altering or playing up certain character traits. Like Illya’s adoptive stepbrother’s ignorance of the women around him, Illya’s near yandere affection for him (especially in the face of Kuroe) & her extreme reactions to what her magical want Ruby makes her do.

The act of a extremely lustful loli.
The act of a extremely lustful loli.

To be honest: the majority of the plot is focussed on Illya trying to protect her everyday life. She likes being a Magical Girl but this series falls more into the Mahou Madoka style of making a Magical Girl’s life as brutal as fuck. The previous series dealt with the life/death struggle that people with power on a mission must endure, so this 2nd series falls more into the trope of protecting one’s everyday mundane life but also protecting those whom you love. This plays out in the last two episodes, where the brutally powerful character Bazett Fraga McRemitz is introduced & Illya realises what her real duty is. Fighting on despite being drastically underpowered.

Unfortunately, that whole plot point won’t be resolved until next year, when Part 2 of Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei! is released. Which is a bit of a pisser but they are supposedly combining it with plot elements of the ongoing 3rd manga series.

In the end, Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei! has its moments & its connections to the larger Type-Moon omniniverse is a nice hook but it pretty much is a series for paedos because of the extreme hyersexualisation in some scenes. If you have issue with that, well: Come At Me, Bro!

That being said: I will probably watch the 3rd series just to know how it all ends & the series overall connection to the Fate/Stay Night universe but part of me would rather just wait for the upcoming new Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works anime which is out later this year.

So, paedos & Type-Moon fans feel free to watch but the latter better not mix with the former less bad things happen.


7 thoughts on “Lustful Lascivious Little Lolis – Anime Critique: Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei!

  1. The Otaku Judge 19/09/2014 / 6:15 PM

    I guess if the kissing is done for comedic value that’s okay. In the original visual novel I think characters transferred mana by sleeping with each other so this is more tame and innocent.



    • The Otaku Judge 19/09/2014 / 6:16 PM

      Hmmmm WordPress seems to have eaten the remark I typed before the smiley. It said…

      “rides off on high horse before the flaming commences”


      • andthegeekshall 19/09/2014 / 6:19 PM

        Heh. Happens.
        In the original Fate/Stay Night VN mana was gathered through murder, kissing & sex. All the wholesome stuff.
        & in typical Japanese fashion, they didn’t show the kissing much.


  2. kyeley 13/10/2014 / 2:25 AM

    I agree! this show is disgusting! stuff like this is sexist to both men and women; it’s sexist to men because it makes look like idiots who only think we there little buddies. it’s sexist to women because it makes them look like men’s fetish fodder. also if miyu had been a boy and Iilya fell in love, how many otaku would rage?


    • andthegeekshall 13/10/2014 / 2:41 AM

      Pretty much. Too much waifu-syndrome around illya unfortunately. Hope that they make her a better character in the new Fate/Stay Night series.


    • andmeuths 17/10/2014 / 12:18 AM

      If Miyu was a boy, the show’s dynamics would be very different. And some of the jokes would never exist (the Maid scene and so on), or would take radically different forms. There will be speculations in the first season that Miyu has a puppy crush on Illya, which Illya also has but suppresses brutally. When Kuro starts draining male!Miyu with gutso, and once her nature was fully revealed, everyone would regard Kuro as an expression of Illya’s most repressed desires, repressed because Illya was raised to value normal, social norms and morality (setting her apart from her other, FSN self), while Kuro is what Illya is like with no regard for common morality, or normal social norms – ie – a demonstration just how creepy Fate-verse Magus society is – since sex and murder are two key mechanisms of Prana transfer in the Nasuverse.

      The Otaku may or may not rage, depending on how well the male companion to the magical girl trope was executed. Did Otaku raged when Card Captor Sakura developed Sayaoran x Sakura? I don’t recall so, so if Miyu was a male first, the same dynamics might be in play.The conversation would be very different, even if the plot outlines remained the same, if Miyu was a male. The nearest to this post, would be perhaps how Prisma Illya is actually quite abit more blatant with the sex and violence part of Magus society and tries to explore (disturbingly) how it plays out between children, than even Fate/Zero or FSN, and how it does a worse job at hiding that than in Fate/Zero.

      It would also make the whole aspect that the two main characters involved in their affair are children that is discussed within the second half of 2Wei (I hope this doesn’t spoil, since I didn’t reveal the context this discussion emerged in) even clearer – this isn’t just Loli-bait, the reason why we find this disturbing and offensive highlights just how wrong Miyu and Illya’s involvement in the world of Magus is, at their age, even from the perspective of Magus fully aware that their world is built on Sex and Violence, the two elements that media usually tries to avoid putting children in. I suspect since the second half of 2wei has 10 episodes to play around with, they might well treat the subject with even greater detail than the manga did, but then again, they might also not.

      This is also why the split cour decision is abit problematic – Kuro represents the “sex” problem of Illya being involved in the Magus world at age 10, while Bazett represents the “violence” aspect of that world, and the second half drives it home even further that aspect of violence, and then synthesizes it by asking whether Illya’s involvement in the Magus world so young is morally problematic (which appears clear, but I do hope they emphasis on the counter to that, which is tied up to Illya’s role and nature in the Nasuverse – remember, Caren calls Illya a necessity, Kuro a miracle and Miyu an accident). I will warn you however, that the second half will start with sexualization, and then highlight the violence of the Magus world one more time, before synthesizing both and asking the question of morality. And of course Illya grasp this intuitively, hence her wish for normalcy on some level, but the genie is already out and she can’t go fully back.

      Note that I leave Miyu out of this, because the answers to her past and her true character comes in 3rei. It is impossible to discuss about Miyu without spoiling most of 3rei.

      Alot of the harmful to children aspect of 3rei comes from the very fact that the Nasuverse is very harmful to minors, and indeed, the world of the Magus is a place of “obsession, violence and madness”. Prisma Illya is a slightly tamed down version of that, until you get to Bazett kicking the living daylights out off Illya.


      • andthegeekshall 17/10/2014 / 10:30 AM

        Wow, someone’s heavily invested in this series.

        But, without the snark, thank you greatly for your indepth comment.

        The Nasu-verse as you call it has never been shy about the brutal, dehumanising aspects of it’s narratives. Especially in Kara no Kyoukai, which is the most brutal parallel in the omniverse like structure of the Type-Moon collective.

        I’ll make a more in depth reply but currently lack the time. Will say that I pretty much know what’s coming from having read most of the manga available & always know it can get worse in terms of the depiction of violence -which I’m fairly immured to due to violence being a regular background noise in my life (unfortunately).


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