Gaming: 1st Interaction with a Truly Toxic Overwatch Player



In the month or so I’ve been playing Overwatch have found the community so far very pleasant, without the toxicity of other online games I’ve tried my hands at (don’t get my started on DOTA 2 or LoL) so was kind of surprised to engage with a truly toxic individual.

Some background:

I only play casual because don’t have the rank for comp yet & I’m a pretty terrible player due to inherent issues with FPSs and nerve damage around my body. I also don’t tolerate abuse much & have a dry, sarcastic yet sharp response to things (mainly because am an Aussie & that’s out general humour form).

My preferred match is the Mystery Heroes, so often try my hand at that because am yet to find a character to main as yet, so like to give them all a try. Yet there are some whom I just cannot get my head around & generally suck at using (primarily Winston & Blackwidow) so I don’t like being give them randomly to use.

In the match where I encountered the toxic player, I was given Winston to control & had to defend the point by myself as the rest of the team had been wiped & were respawning. I held off as best I could but made a misplay by backing myself into a corner (poor spatial awareness on my part in 1st Person games) & getting swamped by enemy team.

That’s when the toxic player -let us call him Mon Capitan Toxicito- got onto the voice chat (something unusual in casual games) to have a go at me. He kept saying how much I sucked & how if we lose the game it’ll be my fault because I suck so much at the game.

I responded with “yep. I truly suck at this game. Suck so very very much. No idea why I play because I suck so badly at it.”
He couldn’t respond to that so he said: “Well. . . your screen name’s really stupid! Why call yourself Shadow?!”

Me: “because it’s my name.”
Which made him even more confused. He asked why I’d have my screen name as my real name & said because is easier to do that than make something up.
I then asked him his name & he said “Steven”, to which I replied “Steven? That’s a fucking stupid name. What kind of dickhead is called Steven! You’re making shit up now, kid! Get a real name when your balls drop!”

Rest of team get onto voice channel, laughing at him, because he’d been sniping them with negative comments all match. He then RQ’ed & we scraped through with a narrow win.

TL;DR version Meet first utterly toxic player, I mocked him but still had fun with the match. Not letting idiots ruin my games but won’t let things go quietly either.

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