Don’t panic! Studio Ghibli remains open!

Lots of Western geeks & otaku have been in a tither due to news that the animation temple of Japan, Studio Ghibli, confounded by the legendary Miyazaki Hayao, is either shutting its door or dropping film production in favour quicker, less expensive ventures such as television broadcast anime.
That is false.
Studio Ghibli is remaining open for the foreseeable future & continuing with several productions – including a new anime series, Robin the Bandit, from Miyazaki Goro, Hayao’s son, to screen later this year.
The rumour started based upon an overeager mistranslation of a television interview, where people interpreted the word “pause” for the term to cease or stop. Everything steamrolled from there, with geeks doing their typical thing if finding patterns & meaning where there is none by pouring over recent interviews with Miyazaki & other Ghibli staff combio with poor box office from recent Ghibli productions.
So, dry your tears, geeks everywhere, you still have one of your anime institution as well as the promise if future films -including ones written by Miyazaki himself.