Trying to climb back on top of this blog thingy.

For the tiny amount of regular readers that I had, you may have noticed that this blog isn’t really updated like it has been previously.

Many reasons for this.

Mainly to do with poor mental health (Bipolar with delusional psychosis -basically a low-end psychopath) & lack of mood & time to watch any series to its end &/or write about it once done.

Other reason is not spending as much time watching anime or other things. Would say I’ve been playing more TCG stuff but that’s hardly the case either.

Anyway, am back to watching & critiquing things & will hopefully have a few catch up pieces posted over the weekend as well as finishing up some half completed retro reviews & other articles that I left on the wayside.

Want to be able to post an article at least once a week at minimum & get back to bulk critiques at the end of each anime season.

No promises but no one has hopes up for such a tiny tiny speck on the internet anyway.

TFW all your dreams come true
Can’t hide my excitement.

Rant: All The Effect of Pissing Into The Wind

A few nights ago, I trolled some GamerGate guy on Twitter because I was bored & wanted to see what kind of reaction I’d get for asking a simple question (“Why do you complain about ethics in journalism yet don’t attack Fox/New Corp?“). The response was basically tepid, with them trying to turn the argument back on me, using the usual Strawmen and Ad Hominem attacks. I responded with quips because couldn’t be bothered actually making a point & then brought out the heavy hitting slams when was called a “douchebag” (which makes no sense since a douchebag is a portable shower & they should be calling me a “vaginal douche” but that still means I get to see pussy all of the time).

Any-hoo, I dismissed it all until I got a message a little while before from some GamerGate scumbag saying that they tried to take down my blog & will keep doing so until I stop bitching about hypersexualisation & mocking the GamerGate movement -both in my blog & on Twitter.

I replied with half a page of laughter (“bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Et cetera) before saying “Really? You tried to take down my blog? News for ya, mate, no one cares about my blog. It has as much effect on public/private opinion as a gnat’s fart against a nuclear blast. You’re wasting your fucking time but go ahead if you think it will achieve anything. In the meantime, continue to toss one off into your wank-rag as you adjust your Trilby & continue to claim disempowerment as you abusive women online.”

Was tempted to add an invitation for them to settle their issues face to face but that would be futile as they often backdown in the face of masculine aggression -because I’m not a woman they can threaten to rape, DoXX &/or abuse.

Well, you pretty much have to laugh at anyone who thinks pissing into the wind makes any difference to what they’re trying to achieve.

Anyway, here’s a reaction picture to end this with as a I go laugh some more.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun - 07 - Large 20

The 1st Anniversary – Article: A Year of And The Geek Shall

After 12 month, 80 or so articles, 256 comments & over 20,000 views, it is time to summarise the 1st year of the existence of And The Geek Shall.

Can't hide my excitement.
Can’t hide my excitement.

I started this blog a year ago today as a distraction from a bunch of academic & real life stresses that I was going through at the time as well as a way to get out all of the pent up ideas & rants that were bubbling away inside of me.

I began it with the intention of crossing it over with my academic work but that idea quickly fell by the wayside as people didn’t really understand my academic work (just like I in all honesty) & it wasn’t as interesting as just doing what I want.

Unfortunately this meant that I have let many articles fall to the side half or barely written, as I get swamped with things easily at the moment. This leaves the blog filled with weird critiques, ill-spelt rants & one post that MRA cum-stained scumbags appear to detest. Yet it does not bother me that I’ve slipped from the original goals that I set out with. Like Pokémon: most things evolve for the better.

Even so, over the past year I’ve managed to garner at least 20,000 views -which isn’t bad for such an oversaturated market. Would like to have had more comments from readers that didn’t end up being deleted because they were either too stupid or offensive to allow to exist (much like those who made the comments). Still, over the course of the last 12 months, it’s not a bad effort. Especially considering that I have spent most of my time bitching about hypersexualisation & similar topics.

Moe service is the best service to some people.
Moe service is the best service to some people.

My personal Pokémon retrospective has been the one to garner the most dedicated hits -which isn’t surprising considering how popular Pokémon is. I’ll probably end up exploiting this a bit more, mainly through seeking others to write about their experiences with the franchise. Possibly targeting new adherents to the games or those who never had a chance to play before for whatever reason.

My favourite & constant starters.
My favourite & constant starters.

So, I’d like to thank my regular readers & those casuals who float through for all the hits & those few comments left publishable. Over the next year I’m looking to add more Live Action critiques as well as general articles. Also have to finish off those half finished, such as my Firefly & Doctor Who ones.

Again: thanks for viewing & let’s work together for a better year in 2015 in terms of positive geektastic experiences.