On The Returning

Once again, this blog is not dead. I’ve just been swamped by real life, including several months without proper internet access (no home connection, only using wireless broadband) after moving across my country & have been desperately trying to catch up on things that the absence of internet left me -such as 3 seasons of anime, my own work & current pop culture trends.

But the main reason for my lack of posts has been this: http://the-shadow298.deviantart.com/art/Spirit-Self-Wings-Freedom-Shadow-s-thesis-comp-564868542

This is my Master’s thesis that I have worked on for the past two years.

It’s about Miyazaki Hayao’s relationship to soft power, in how he subverts government efforts of agendarisation & control through his own films (primarily discussing Porco Rosso & Spirited Away).

So, BANZAI for it’s completion!


I’ll also be making some changes to the blog.

I’ll be doing interviews with people known within the geek community & with some actors as well. The first of which shall be a little known actress whom some of you may have seen a lot of of last year in historical medical drama The Knick.

I’ve also started a Patreon page to help me acquire the materials to help me work & to enbiggen the blog somewhat.

You can support me via this link https://www.patreon.com/andthegeekshall but will try to set up a widget too.

Have a heap of things to post up, so will try to get to it soon.

Will keep this active as much as humanly possible.

academic article: Miyazaki -life and legacy

Here is the completed and [heavily] edited version of the article on Miyazaki that I co-authored.

It’s not great but it’s a good first step on the road to more proper academic publication.

Please give any feedback if you do read.


Random post: Academic news

Again, apologies for the lack of updates but have been busy with my master’s thesis & moving house for the 3rd time in less than 6 months.

Any-hoo, news is that I’m a good way through my Masters thesis. Which focuses on Soft Power (diplomacy through Pop Culture) and how Miyazaki Hayao subverts it with his films (mainly Spirited Away & Porco Rosso).

To add to this, my supervisor approached me on Tuesday asking if I want to start writing academic articles for peer review.

My response:

tamayayI need to do this to get better marks on my current thesis & so I get better standing on my PhD applications (allowing for scholarships & the like).

Also means that I’ll get better standing in the academic community with peer reviewed publications. That means offers to go to conferences & work with other leaders in the field.

Speaking of conferences: it looks as though I’ll be giving a presentation on distopian anime at the Unnatural Futures conference in July. This also boosts my standing, so have to work well on it.

My next review shall be posted hopefully next week, looking at Miyazaki’s (possibly) final film The Wind Rises.

Will have more stuff posted when I get around to it.