Rant: The Return of the Fett – Star Wars, fanboyism & Boba Fett

This is the kinda of shit fanboys image Boba Fett doing.

Remember: this is just an angry rant from a bitter ex-fan, it doesn’t invalid your own opinion -even if it is wrong, flavoured by false nostalgia or/& goes against your masturbatorial fantasies

When they announced new Star Wars films that I would spew with rage if Boba Fett made a return.

Whelp, images popping up of Boba being back & it’s all because of fan demands.

Boba had the tiniest appearances in 2 films & was killed off like a chump in Return of the Jedi but fans keep sucking on his nuts like he’s got the fattest dick in the room.

I have a hypothesis as to why he’s so popular:
Before the release of The Empire Strikes Back, Boba was revealed in the abomination that was the infamous Star Wars Christmas Special before he was pushed in marketing for the franchise, appearing in shopping malls & other promotional material. When he finally appears in the films, he doesn’t really do anything.

My hypothesis is that because Boba is a Tabula Rasa -in that he doesn’t do anything of substance in the films (pretty much stand around until he gets dropped into the Sarlacc’s Pit & I’m not including the bastardised updated versions of the original films) & has a mask concealing his face- fans (mainly just pubescent boys) use him as a self insertion character.

That means that since he does nothing they (the fans) can make him do what they want. They can give him the most badarse backstory there ever was, have him fuck the hottest alien babes (why are they always Twi’leks, other than one was a dancer in Jabba’s palace?) & have him slaughter any enemy that he faces.

He was repeatedly resurrected in fan fiction but officially brought back for the comics & Extended Universe novels, being spat out by the Sarlacc because it couldn’t digest his armour. He than has contradictory adventures, either to get revenge on Solo or work with him or just go about banging chicks & scoring bounties (banging bounties & scoring chicks, one or the other).

Yet this Christ-like resurrection of the fanboy favourite wasn’t enough. The uber fanboys cried out for more of him & when we do get ,oe, it’s the utterly munted story of Boba being a clone & then how he wanted revenge against Mace Windu for beheading his “dad“.

The uber fanboys weren’t really happy with this, so Lucasfilms/Disney announced that he gets his own film -set between Revenge of the Sith & A New Hope– as well as appearances in the upcoming trilogy.

I get that people love him & that Boba is based on the Western archetype of the stoic, silent bounty hunter who never rests until he’s got his mark but there is such thing as too much fan investment in a character. The imagination exceeds the reality & when they do make him more fleshed, no one can be satisfied because that can’t beat what they already have in their minds.

Once again it seems that fanboyism & nostalgia have grabbed any chance of getting fresh ideas into a stagnating franchise by the nuts & have twisted them until Lucasarts/Disney screamed for mercy.

What Boba Fett realy does best: dying.

Rant: All The Effect of Pissing Into The Wind

A few nights ago, I trolled some GamerGate guy on Twitter because I was bored & wanted to see what kind of reaction I’d get for asking a simple question (“Why do you complain about ethics in journalism yet don’t attack Fox/New Corp?“). The response was basically tepid, with them trying to turn the argument back on me, using the usual Strawmen and Ad Hominem attacks. I responded with quips because couldn’t be bothered actually making a point & then brought out the heavy hitting slams when was called a “douchebag” (which makes no sense since a douchebag is a portable shower & they should be calling me a “vaginal douche” but that still means I get to see pussy all of the time).

Any-hoo, I dismissed it all until I got a message a little while before from some GamerGate scumbag saying that they tried to take down my blog & will keep doing so until I stop bitching about hypersexualisation & mocking the GamerGate movement -both in my blog & on Twitter.

I replied with half a page of laughter (“bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Et cetera) before saying “Really? You tried to take down my blog? News for ya, mate, no one cares about my blog. It has as much effect on public/private opinion as a gnat’s fart against a nuclear blast. You’re wasting your fucking time but go ahead if you think it will achieve anything. In the meantime, continue to toss one off into your wank-rag as you adjust your Trilby & continue to claim disempowerment as you abusive women online.”

Was tempted to add an invitation for them to settle their issues face to face but that would be futile as they often backdown in the face of masculine aggression -because I’m not a woman they can threaten to rape, DoXX &/or abuse.

Well, you pretty much have to laugh at anyone who thinks pissing into the wind makes any difference to what they’re trying to achieve.

Anyway, here’s a reaction picture to end this with as a I go laugh some more.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun - 07 - Large 20

Rant: Conspiracy theories (extract)

CT sad cat

This is something that I wrote before in response to someone’s reply to me posting a pic on Facebook (the one above).

I’m going to use it as part of an article that I want to write on Cognitive Dissonance & Conspiracy Theories.

It’s very raw & has some nasty things in it, but I’m not nice when I rant.

So, here we go. . .

Basically, knowledge equals power & status within a social grouping. Those who do not have such power invent knowledge to give them standing with others because it means they are in possession of something that others are not; even if it is a lie.

Other people take hold of this lie because it gives them a feeling of security & power. That their beliefs are held by others or that they can fight back against an invented invisible power.

Basically conspiracy theories draw in people with similar mentalities to racists, political and religious extremists & those who believe that aliens anally rape them on weekends.
That is basically people who feel powerless or marginalise in their everyday lives looking for something else to blame & if something comes along & tells you that it’s not your fault; it’s a shadowy governmental figure blasting chemicals in the sky & deciding every little detail of our lives, killing those who get in the way of The Machine.
So, that way, they can blame some amorphous entity outside of them & unfathomable or a named grouped, like the Masons or the 3 Lobed Burning Eye, & not, let’s say, actually accept some of the blame & responsibility for their lives being a bit shit.

If people want to believe in something, that is fine, but lines are drawn whenever they parade false knowledge as if it is the truth because they want to lord it over others.

Rant: the judgement of others

Just had someone send me a message via this blog saying “Are you a real geek? As in a serious genuine geeky man or just another one of those pathetic posers?
I replied: “What’s it matter to you?
He replied: “I’ve made it my mission to go around and call out fake geeks. Especially those fake ‘geek’ girls who just do it to get attention and money. I fucking hate them!
My reply to that: “Wow! That’s utterly amazing! Do you know what other people are doing with their lives right now?
Him: “No. What are they doing?
Me: “Not being dicks. Now fuck off & if I ever catch you harassing anyone -especially women- I will ensure that your online life becomes a brief hellish nightmare.

What god gave him the power of supreme judgement over others?

At least it’s reminded me to finish up that article on the attitudes of self proclaimed “geek gods” and “gatekeepers of nerdom”